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My name is Tyler Staley. I am the new GM show manager here at Carlisle Events in Pennsylvania. I am looking into the possibility of forming a Turbo Buick celebration for the 2013 show. I wanted to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the public release of the Turbo Buick (1978-2013). I am interested in all the turbo Buicks from those years, whether it be a GN, GNX, T-type, Regal Turbo, etc. Anything is welcome, and I will have a special display for the turbo family. I wanted to introduce myself to the Buick crowd, as well as see what you guys think of a possible celebration.

I am also a fan of the GN, and I am currently shopping for one to add to my collection (so I will certainly be posting questions about the cars). The more guys I get, the more perks and conveniences I can offer. Our show is from June 21-23. We have plenty of space and are willing to accomodate in any way possible. I also am in charge of choosing the invitational cars, and I want some really unique and special cars to put on display as well.

Feel free to contact me via the forum, or by phone at 717-243-7855 x 124.

My email is [email protected] Please put "Turbos at Carlisle" in your message heading so I know it is not SPAM.

Hope to hear from you!

Tyler :6:
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