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Heet = Methanol??

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Well, I failed my emissions test. Missed on the hydrocarbons. I got 3.62, and passing is 2.00. I've done some searching of the archives, and decided to try Radius Kids Mix.

4 parts premium pump gas
1 part methyl hydrate
1 can g2p

After some searching, I found Methyl Hydrate = Methanol. My problem is I can't seem to find it at the hardware store.

How much of Heet is Methanol?? Can I just mix 4 gal gas, 1 gal of heet (lot of little bottles!!) with the g2p?? If not, any tips on finding the methanol??


Mike Jones
87 loaded T-top GN
50's, walbro 340, stock turbo/intercooler
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Look at a circle track shop or a hardware store under the name wood alcohol.

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No need for all that! Just pull a small vac hose off " It will drop them HC's down to nearly nothing. Reconnect it after you go threw.

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