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Headlights not working !!!!! Help Fast!!!

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84 Buick - My headlights were working this morning and now they dont work. High nor the low. The parking lamps and breaklight all work. I can't imagine all 4 headlights going out at the same time... Is there a fuse the the headlights & which one is it... Thanks.
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Note: I drive with my high beams all the time because my column shifter broke and they got stuck there. I've driven with the highbeams in the daytime becuase I like the way the car looks with them on. I know for sure they were working this morning. I turn the car off at work. Went to lunch and no light...
My cigaratte lighter & radio are working...
i would guess a melted down headlight switch or maybe a fuse link is burnt somewhere (can't remember the wiring exactly)
I had both of my 2A1s blow out at the same time... I was really stumped. Trying swapping in a known good headlight. yup
before they went out, i would touch my headlight & parking light switch with my fingers and it would be very hot. I tought it was normal. Can someone confirm because I'm begining to think in my headlight switch. Also, where is the high beam switch located.....
Also, where is the high beam switch located.....
On the DS of the steering column, under the dash. You can ID it by playing with the lever for the HBs.

And yes, your switch may have nuked itself.
Motor head mike !!!! you got it.

It was the High beam switch (dimmer switch) located under the steering column. I rigged it up and have it set for just the low beams to work. I disconected the plug which has 3 pins. One of the pins is energized + then you have to run a wire and touch one of the other pins. One is for the low beams the other for the high beams. My switch still doesn't work but my lights do. I don't have high beams Doh ... wink
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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