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Headlight wireing kit??

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I snagged one of Kirbans upgraded headlight wires kit a couple years back. I have his upgraded headlights and the fried my wires and connections. Every time I put on myheadlights I have to pop the hood and mess with the wires for them to work. I'm gonna put the wires in soon and wondered if anyone has done this? I'm sure its no biggie. I just wonderd if anyone has any pointers for me. Thanki guys! uzi loser
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Heat shrink, and solder all the connections. If you need to 'mess with the wiring' that may be part of thhe problem. I just finished a project involvong relays. I found the .250 female connectors at Radio shack needed to be the larger size for the 16 guage wire.

I found heat shrink tubing just the right size for 16 guage at Ace Hardware. It would also work on 12 guage. Don't skimp on wiring, even though you will have the relay close to the lights. Every little bit helps, and 12 guage will be that much better..

The through line of the relay is 30-87. Arm (headlight pos.) is #85, ground at # 86. Most relays are numbered this way.
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. You the man :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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