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Have 2 problems,any suggestions?

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1986 Buick GN.At an idle occasionally I get a code 44/ses when I accelerate it goes away.More importantly when my car is cold the motor cuts in and out,in and out, until it gets up to temperature.The stock boost guage goes crazy when its cutting in and out.I have replaced the o2,ignition module,new plugs and wires new tps sensor and still get this when cold.It has a MSD DIS-4 on it and im wondering if it is the problem when cold.Looking for suggestions on 100 octane pumped gas
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Check you IAC,besure it's clean and so is the throttle body.And check you vaccum hoses for leaks/cracks.
I would try a fresh O2 sensor for the code#44 problem. MSD ignitions can cause many electrical problems on our cars and really do nothing for performance. Jack Cotton just hit the 8's on stock ignition. Disconnect it and also check all of your grounds behind the block and battery cables. Boost can be going crazy due to the power surges caused by above.
I get the same thing at idle since I put in my new Denso Oxy sensor. Goes away as soon as I accelerate. Do you use Stock or Denso? I also had the same thing with cold idle.Not quite as bad as yours but similar. Re adjusted TPS & IAC & seems a bit better?
I started off with a bosch o2 sensor and I kept loosing o2 voltage at any given time.I replaced that with a AC delco and have had no problems.Voltage all over the place like it should be, no more 0's.As for the IAC the readings on my scanmaster are ok, but someone will have to explain to me exactly how you clean IAC.I have cleaned the throttle body butterfly out but thats about all.If there is something else that needs to be done in reference to IAC I don't believe I have done it.If someone could explain it Id appreciate it.As for the MSD it hasn't caused me any problems as of yet.Yet!Its got about 15 two-position switches on it in three stages but haven't touched the first one yet.Don't know enough about it.Just got a book and got to read.It was already on the car.
OK, I learned here that you need to use the Delco 02 sensor. Do you have the stock headers? If you do, you probably have the cracks in the naifolds that can cause an exhaust leak. If you have aftermarket, check your bolts. To clean the IAC valve, pull off your MAF to turbo pipe and back off the IAC valve, then hit it with some carb cleaner or something. Then make sure your TPS and IAC are set right. Check www.gnttype.org for the process. As for your MSD DIS-4, see if you have your rev limiter set, then read the manual. And about 100 octane gas, I know 76 is selling Cool Blue 100 unleaded, it's about $25 for 5 gallons in San Diego. Hey, and check your EGR solenoid too.
Hey, do you spit out black smoke on acceleration? And is your boost all over the place unless you hit it hard?
No black smoke ever.Turbo wants to spool but motor cuts in and out.When its cold it doesnt matter how hard you hit the pedal.You give it more gas the problem gets louder.Doesn't do it at idle.Only upon acceleration.The stock boost guage is what is getting wild like an electric surge or something whenever the motor breaks up.
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