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I recently purchased an 87 GN with 11k miles from the original owner. The car is in pristine condition. Still has the factory tires and original paint. Besides a few oil changes and one factory recall repair, no other work has been performed on this car. My mechanic and I put it on a lift to inspect the undercarriage. I noticed hand written notes on the frame above the transmission. You can clearly see Happy Birthday Jim. The other wording is directly under the transmission so we were not able to figure out what it says. The only way anyone could've done this is with the tranny out of the car. The previous owner who I speak with regularly is adamant that the transmission was never removed from the car in order for someone to do this.

Has anyone ever come across this? Have assembly line workers ever been know to do something like this? Or, could this be one of one? I'm tempted to have the transmission pulled to see what else was written. Any thoughts?
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