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Gutted cat with test pipe welded inside?

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Who is running a gutted cat with a pipe welded inside? I'm in NJ would like to run a test pipe but don't want to not have a cat on the car ( with my luck a cop will impound it). Will the car pass NJ emissions with maybe an emissions chip and no cat?
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It depends on the rest of your setup. You will also need your EGR working and not blocked.
Ed--Do you think my car would pass with a gutted cat and a Bob Bailey emissions chip? My EGR is functional. I really hate taking off the gutted cat once a year to put on a 'real' one for emissions. Thanks for your opinion.
I'm not sure how NC is on the visual but it should pass. It helps to get the car real hot
200-210 for the test. Fresh plugs,O2 and oil change will help too.
I passed with a gutted cat, stock chip, and a paperclip in the ALDL putting into diagnostic mode. It worked. Nothing else done special; this was in Ft. Lauderdale.
Thanks Ed/John. I may try it next year with the gutted cat, just to see how it does. Worst that could happen is I bring the car home and put the real cc on.
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