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Grill Springs/Front Bumper

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Hi All!
Long time reader/follower - first time poster/question asker!
We are finally getting around to putting some front grill springs back on the car which hasn't had them for yeeeaaarrrrs - been dealing with just a dangling top mounted grill. So we started looking more into the front bumper and spring placement and popped a question to ask.

Tire Automotive tire Hood Tread Wood
Tire Automotive tire Hood Grille Tread

Looking at above pictures:
First, whomever had the car prior seemed to have "tried" to paint the area in question and caused a bunch of paint runs so we already sanded/scuffed the area with some mild sandpaper to prep the area for some touch up paint for the time being...it's in the beginning stages of us looking into a full body restore/paint some time hopefully within the next year.

Question: The area directly below my hand/arm where it has been scuffed....the over-all piece seems to be a plastic material but then a small metal piece looks like it was added due to a crack in the plastic...Is the entire plastic piece replaceable: if so, where to purchase? Is this piece even normal? The plastic is now cracked even more around the far left bolt in the picture.

Any guidance on this area? Can anyone post a picture of what this area looks like on their cars. Greatly appreciate any info/idea/guidance!

Thanks Buick Community!
Christine and Mikey B.
87' WE4
69' GTO
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