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Hi All,

Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to two vendors.

First, hats off to Warren Moore, aka gbody87. I bought a set of 160# injectors he was selling. He was very patient with a ton of questions I had and he always quickly answered them. He sent out the injectors the day he got my money order. The injectors were perfect as he described. I can honestly say I don’t think anyone should hesitate buying something Warren is selling, I’d buy from him again.

An additional thanks goes out to Chuck Leeper at Cody Motorsports aka Old Buzzard. I’ve known Chuck for many years and he’s always helped me out. Chuck suggested that Warren’s injectors be sent directly to him and he’d check them out and get flow numbers. Chuck did a great job and had them back on their way to me in a matter of days. Chuck does a great job, this is the third set of injectors he’s done for me and I’m always happy. If you need injectors cleaned and flowed contact Chuck.

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