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gnX verification?

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I am going to look at what has been advertised an a gnX. How can I verify authenticity?
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Try this link. There is a non viewable registry kept by the owner who can verify if its real or not with the VIN number.


If you havent checked out www.gnttype.org that would be a good place to look for basic things.

Good Luck headbang Let us know how it turns out.
Look on the driver's door for the ASC conversion sticker, on the heater box emissions sticker in the engine bay it shoud say ASC, on the firewall cowl above the windshield wiper motor (driver's side) look for GNX to be stamped on the plate and on the trunk RPO sticker look for code T2L.
Good Lu :D :cool: powersix ck
I work at a GM dealership. If you send me your VIN. I can run it through GM Online and see if it comes back with anything GNX.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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