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I had a few minutes to spare while roaming around the board so i thought I would pass on an interesting story about an 85 to 87 conversion.

Last winter my car club in Florida (West Coast Muscle Car Club) was at an event at the Naples yaught club and I was parked beside another member who had his Pacer w/LT1 engine there. He asked if i needed any parts for "that thing" - my 84 GN. I said - always. He told me to give him a call so i did and met him the following week.

We went to a storage place where he has two bays - one with three cars and the other full of GN stuff. He wanted a frame for a project car he had on the go (G-Body) and he heard of a guy who had an 85 GN and he was in the process of converting the engine to that of an 87. He had purchased an 87 intake manifold, turbo, inter cooler etc. etc. He lost interest in the project and sold the whole car and parts for $1500 to my car club buddy.

My buddy only wanted the frame, gas tank and rear end - he gave the rest to me with the understanding that i could do whatever I wanted with them. I plan on keeping all of the 85 stuff and selling off the 87 parts.

Partial list is as follows:
AC/heater core with manual circuit board
New head gasket and 2 Felpro boxes unopened
2 AC compressors - 1 - 85 and 1- 87
2 alternators 1 - 85 and 1 - 87 you getting the picture?
1 starter
1 power steering pump
2 intake manifolds w/injectors 85 and 87
2 front seats all beat up for 85 - drivers is power
2 header sets 1 - 85 and 1 - 87
Brand new in the smoked plastic box TurboTweak injector and chip combo 60lbs

When I get back to Florida (everything is either in my shed or under my trailer) I plan on cleaning things up and trying to identify what else I have (all sorts on lines, pipes, brackets etc.).

I would like to hear from my Ottawa buddies and i plan on giving parts away or selling way below anyone else. Those not spoken for I will post on the boards or eBay from Florida.

My cost for all this stuff - $0


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Nice score Phil,
I am always interested in parts for our cars. Let me know what else you have. :)
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