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Gbodyparts Custom Stock T Wheels.

1.Fronts are cut down to 6” wide and have new BF Goodrich TA radials (P215 70 R15). They have a 2 1/2” backspacing, and fit perfect. No rubbing.

2. Rears are widened to 8” and are mounted with new BF Goodrich TA radials ( P275 60 R15) They have 4” backspacing and required a ¼ spacer to fit my 87T. Once mounted had no rubbing.

They come with NOS center caps. I only had these on the car for shows. There is less than 10 miles on the tires. With all of the horsepower mods that I have done to my car over the last couple of years, I do not feel comfortable using spacers any longer. However your application may not need them.

Here is a link to Gbodyparts wheel page.
Those prices do not include the NOS caps, new tires or shipping. Not to mention the duty to get them up here to Canada. Also, I will not separate. The tires are mounted and the centers are secured. I would like a local sale and pick up if anyone is interested. Shipping these, as is, would be a nightmare for me. I would be open to partial trades and/or cash, and more pictures are available. If you are interested in these wheels and tires and agree with the above, PM me. I don't have illusions of getting what I paid for these, but be realistic if you have an offer. Thanks

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