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Up front i will tell everyone that this car has a salvaged title history,but a clean history in Alabama.Me and a few others that have closely inspected the car,believes it is a theft recovery from another state,but i couldn't prove it, i can prove however,how nice and tight this car is.

seen this It has a carfax verified 20,500 original miles.
very nice paint
The only things that dont work are the antenna,and the trunk release.It is mostly stock with no track time.
It has a postons flip chip
K&n air filter
Chrome kit on the motor
Included in the deal (not installed yet) will be a Walbro 340 pump and hot wire kit
gauges:fuel,boost,oil,water,under the radio pod,and a pillar pod,2800 lock up stall.
A/c works
Cruise works
Blue top injectors
Hooker exhaust(i think)it is aftermarket,and has a nice sound to it..

I know i am leaving out stuff,but thats all i can think of right now.This car was drove from Alabama to the GS nats in BG with zero problems.It is an excellant driver,and needs very minor things to be damned near perfect.It still had a stock chip(never removed)And the stock air cleaner/assembly when i bought it.Hell this old car has just as good of a alighnment as my '05 GMC crew cab!

The ONLY reason i am selling is because a deal on a fully built GN has surfaced,and if my mustang dont sell,or he decides not to sell his,this car will be promply taken off the market.Hell, i am sweating now just writing this ad!

Anyway,i would need to get around $13,500 for it,about 5k less than what i would want for it with a 100% clean title in its shape and mileage.

Here are some pics:


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HUBCAP said:
Price lowered to 12,500. :cheers:

Where in AL are you located? Got any interior, engine, underneath shots?
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