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Fuel for race and street - heated O2 and no cat conv.

110 Turbo Blue or 100LL Turbo Blue or 100LL av gas? Any idea what the actual R+M/2 octane ratings are for these fuels and what problems can I expect with each?
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Avgas has a lot of lead, lots of it. I could only get 19psi out of it without knock, where with the 100octane race gas that they sell at the pump I can get 22psi without knock.
Avgas will mess up your 02 sensor, heated or not.
Thats the conclusion I came to with my Avgas expirement.
(I'm a flight instructor and I work at an airport so I got a free sample to try out


1986 Buick Grand National
TA-49, 009's, Hooker cat back, CAS V4, Art Carr 3000 stall, THDP and all the other usual stuff.
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I use Sunoco, but my car REALLY likes 110. I have run C16 also, but at my boost level it seemed overkill since I did not get any knock on the 110.
The turboblue is 108 octane, I bought a drum of it last year. As for the Avgas, it isn't designed for cars and lacks certain lubricants. Much better off with the race fuel, I would use the 110 over the 100.
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