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fuel harness

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#3 is not working. When I put my meter on it, after seprerating the harness to get to the pins, one side is by itself the otherside goes to more than one pin. is this correct? Just looking at the harness I would say no but? Thanks
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The brown wires all come from a pink/black wire off the fp/injector fuse.

The other wire that grounds the injector via the ecm should be black/pink that connects to a brown wire to terminal D15 on the ecm.

THANKS Steve. I've been looking at the wiring diagram and I guess that the B+ side is good because thats the reason one side goes to more than one pin. Now I will check back to d15 on the ecm harness. WHAT A HASSLE
thanks again.
Yeah...it is....normally #3 is the egr but you can meter that from the connector to the injector on both sides.....

The ecm opens and closes the ground to each injector so the problem could be an injector driver in the ecm....got one to switch?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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