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fuel gauge

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is it worth the time (and money!)to mount a fuel gauge inside the car.not a racer just a street car.
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isnt it important to watch fuel pressure under load . whats the most accurate way to reajust pressure after making modifications?,more air,boost,etc.
The popular method is to buy a cheaper FP gauge that mounts to the fuel rail, get an extension linefor it, run it up to the windshield and tape it there. When you are done, take the tape off and remove the line. When you ask about making adjustments to the "pressure", I assume you mean the fuel pressure? You need an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. This will allow you to make changes to fuel pressure. The more boost you run, the more fuel you will need.

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I shall dissent from the popular but inept opines.

I like my Autometer in car gauge and it is very accurate. Easy to tell if/when there is a problem. Closed off frozen return line being one of them. Popped line on the regulator too. Although your vacuum gauge should help you with that one.

Car didn't run all that bad for 70 psi. fuel pressure.

If you have the resources I say go for it.

You also won't look like a gearhead with gauges on your hood.

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i'll give the same answer that was givin to me.. for a good dead on guage you need a mechanical guage.. now do you really want fuel running inside your car?
No fuel inside my car and it's a completely mechanical gauge.
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