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i got a letter from the IRS the other day. it was bad news. i need money now. the r/c truck has to go. so here is a list of mods and stuff and the price:

traxxas revo 2.5r
trinity exhuast
motorsaver airfilter on modded 2.5r pipe
progressive-3 aluminum suspension arms
progressive-3 rockers
robinson racing clutchbell
robinson racing spurgear
rpm front a-arms
pirahna fast charge charger
lots of nicad batteries
tons of extras...control arms, suspension parts, stock parts
2 body's...1 is old and busted up pretty good one is new and unpainted.
1 full gallon of nitro fuel unopened
1 - 1/3 gallon of nitro fuel

here is a link to the truck from the place i bought it at:


all the other stuff was added on later. i have done all the work and have spent alot.....$1100 total! the truck is in good condition. it has been used and jumped..which is pretty cool i might add! these things can take a beating. i have only ran 2/3's of a gallon through this motor. still runs great and has tons of power. will do 45+mph!!!!! and is very loud. this thing must go!!! $600obo + shipping
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