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Brand new still in the package a NOS Dry Shot Kit (05100-NBNOS). also comes with a brand new Leash Electronics Single Stage Nitrous Board . $290 (retails for $580-$650) shipped . Thanks

NOS 05100-NBNOS Super Powershot Nitrous System w/o Bottle And Bottle Bracket
Christmas special ..lets move it .will throw in a set of NOS bottle brackets . $195 . EVERYTHING is brand new !!!!

*** buy the nitrous kit for $195 . and I'll give you the complete Nano setup that ALSO includes a new Nano 10lb nitrous bottle w/billet bottle bracket for a extra $450 .EVERYTHING is brand new . Nano setup WITHOUT 10lb Nanno nitrous bottle retails for $350 alone.to bring this complete above mentioned setup from the Sates would cost you a EASY $1500+ .Your cost $645. SMOKING DEAL !!!!!! ***

this nitrous kit can be easily changed over to a wet system if need be . it has a extra nitrous solenoid that you can could use as a purge . you would just have to purchase a extra fuel solenoid ($65-$75) to change it over to a wet system . :)

Nano: Nitrous on Steroids!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObQ-sEV0Tho"]Nanonitrous - nitrous on steroids - YouTube[/ame]


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