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Found This In My Oil Pan! What is it?

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Hi, I blew a headgasket on a 86 GN, I removed the engine to fix head gasket and re-gasket the entire motor. After pulling the oil pan, I found this 3/4" 4 sided piece metal in the pan. I have no idea what it is, I doubt it's part of a piston ring...it's to straight and I don't think its a wrist pin retaining clip? You guys have any ideas?
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I agree that it looks like a wrist pin clip...too straight to be a ring and no signs that it has been hammered straight. Curious what you find...Good Luck!
The wrist pins are pressed fit, there are no circlips or spirolocks.

That piece of metal is a broken tensioner spring.

Time to pop off the timing cover, do my oil mods, and find out your timing set is past due for a replacement.
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