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First trip to track - little help with stickum

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Spoke to Jonny D today about this (thanks John!), thought some other insight might not hurt.

Until last night I was a track virgin...decided it was time to get serious about tuning the car and not just rely on ye ole butt dyno.

Over all I had a blast but my times were somewhat disappointing (later I came to the realization that I was actually faster than 95% of the cars there - street car night...made me feel better)

Basically, I've got some SERIOUS traction problems.
I'm running regular ole Nittos (16" 245/50s Nitto 450s) which is just a street tire.
All launches were performed from Idle (I wanted to be consistant). I've got the ATR rear bar and air bags but did not use the bags.
My quickest run (ET) of the night was an earlier, lower boost run.
9.151 at 84mph 2.2+ 60 ft - out of wack... I know. I realize the 60 foot is bad, I didn't expect it to be much launching off of idle.

Started tuning, power was definately increasing but the ET was getting higher (slower) but the MPH was always very close to the same all night.

After I started getting serious with the boost (21lbs) I'd come off the line (no spool) and as soon as the turbo would spool, the car would just go sideways in a cloud of smoke (blow the tires away)....I'd back out and get it going again, it'd shift, go side ways again...got scary a few times...

SO Here's my dilemma. Before I can go any further with tuning, I've got to stick the power. I DON'T want to run slicks, this is a street car...I don't make it to the track enough so I'm in search of a better street type tire.
The car is driven on nice days, to the track and to car shows. I try to avoid driving in the rain but sometimes, it happens (BG!)
The way I see it, my choices are

BFG Drag Radial (rain!)
Nitto Drag Radial (not real sticky, not tall enough)
Sumitomo (John uses these with good results)

I thought of going back to 15" rims as well...it opens up my tire choices.

Opinions and thoughts would be appreciated

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The Nitto Drag Radials worked good for me. I highly recommend them.
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