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Innovated Billet Aluminum Waste gate $250.00
Aluminum in let bell for stock turbo $30.00
Real nice passenger tail light no cracks $125.00
Stock untouch turbo shield $40.00
Brand New still in the package set belt guides for the side of the head rest,Gray in color $30.00
Two valve cover breathers ,One chrome and one Black $20.00 Each.
Braided oil line for turbo $25.00
Aluminum in let tube 3" 40.00. If your looking at show and shine condition this is not for you. It has to be re polished or sand it down and paint it black.
Maroon center piece for steering wheel $20.00.
Dash cluster unit $100.00.

All parts are plus the ride, Our you can pick up.Thank's for looking:cheers:


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