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Check these guys out: http://www.helminc.com/helm/homepage.asp?Style=&mscsid=T1Q11U555JSP9PB9V5JJUR1TKFRW12V6

Click on the aftermarket section.

Looking at the most common applications as far as TRs go and here is what I found out.
1984 shop manuals are discontinued
1985 #85BUICKSM is $230.00
1986 #86BUICKSM is $75.00!!
1987 #87BUICKSM is $133.00 but is also out of stock
and the TTA is S8910FAE which also includes the Firebird manual along with the TTA supplement at $157.00

Get that 86 manual while there are still some in stock. Hey it also works for the 1987 if you didn't figure that out.

Heck I can remember I paid $75 for a used 86 manual 15 years ago!

Also the Buick manuals include everything for that model year.

Click on the product description and it details what supplements you get with that manual.

I dont how you can work on a car without a factory shop manual. Haynes and Chiltons dont even compare to the GM ones.
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