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[email protected]*#n center cap

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I have a set of Classic Industries GTA rims and I lost a center cap tonight. I'm pissed because those things are expensive. I was going slow and it was a smooth road. I was comming to a stop and I heard that distinctive "plastic cup bouncing on the asfault" sound. I pulled into the nearby parking lot, locked the car, grabbed my flashlight, and I ran to the sidewalk just in time to see a pickup run it over.
The cap bounced across the entire intersection and it left little black pieces eveywhere.
I put my caps on after I came back from the track last month because they made me take them off (guess why
). I'm also pissed because this is the second time I lost one. I bought them from Kirban and they have the turbo 6's on them.

Does anyone know where I can find them for cheaper? What can I do to keep this from happening again? I'm about to glue the [email protected] things in there. I have 3 spares, but if I lose one every three months, I'll be buying new sets every year. 2 Mad faces to whoever designed these things.

Okay, I'm not THAT pissed, I'm just venting...I don't do that much. Please pass on some advice. Thanks

1987 GN 14" K&N, adj. wastegate, adj. FPR, XP Armstrong hotwired, 160*-stat, Hooker 2.5" catback exaust, Thrasher chips, shift kit, trans cooler, vdo boost/oil/temp guages, scanmaster II, Kirban's front/rear frame braces, GNX wanna-be rims, and the rest is stock..except for all the stuff that doesn't last 15yrs.

1987 Cavalier Z24 daily driver. 3-chamber flowmaster and 135db worth of stereo.

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Try a silicone adhesive similar to that used by windshield installers on the inside ring of the cap.
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