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OK, For those of you that use External Wastegates. What for of boost control do you use, it seems that everything is either far left field or right field on this.

There's a lot of el cheapo DIY bleeders out there and this is what I've been using on my stock wastegate. I'm putting a Deltagate on the Crossosver this winter and I was wondering what kinda controllers work the best.

I've seen some nice ones from Turbo XS, that have a spring in them for variable control. (but at $130 ???) Is this the same as the Turbonetics VBC? Is the turbonetics VBC the same as the "fish tank regulators" (looks like it). All these vendors say not to use the DIY kits, I really don't know why though (other than $$ obviously).

Like I said, I've got a Home Depot setup on my car and it works just fine (looks just like the ATR bleeder). Are the other bleeders capable of better performance? I guess I could see it holding the wastegate closed and not opening it in a linear fashion with boost.

Electronic is out of the question.
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