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I figured I'd post this here and not in the feedback section because this does not pertain to a member here.

My parents and I are totally fed up with their service, actually shotty and lack of proper service. We had at least 3 sets f tires put on each of our cars, 3 total. So quite of bit of money went to them. The place this complaint is being posted about is ETD Discount Tire Center located on 960 Bloomfield Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07012 and their phone number, which I advise you not to call is (973) 365-6014.

My personal experiences with them have included many times waiting for my car's new shoes to be put on, and listening to the salesmen come up with reasons that only a Starfleet members of the USS Enterprise would come up with. I laugh it off in my head and continue to mind my own business.
On one occasion though, I researched (yes, surprisingly enough ;) ), which shoes to purchase for my daily. I decided I wanted a set of Kumhos, based on Tirerack.com's reviews. I go to them and want to get that specific model, which I forget now other than they were all summer performance, and to my surprise they don't carry those and can't get them. They are the best bang for the buck, something like $89.99 and they handle/wear better than the 109.99 set of Kumho's. Key thing to note is that Kumho had a special for all their distributors for a nice prepaid giftcard.
The salesman at the counter proceeds to off me a set of General Tires, that I quickly on the side looked up on my phone. These Generals were all season, which isn't what I wanted. Plus they were about $125 a pop and no giftcard or any special deals. I said no thank you and left.

Also looked up BF Goodrich Radial T/A's for the black beauty. They had to "special order" from Pennsylvania, for about $375 each and on top of that price for the tire alone would be the special order delivery charge of about $45 a piece. You can probably understand that a bit more.

Today my father decided to go to them for the free tire rotation and a re-balance (steering is shaking at high speeds). Most likely a weight fell off. I'll cut straight to it. They told my father that the lug nuts are cheap and made poorly and that taking all of them off and trying to put them back on they wouldn't go. Their reasoning is that the lug nuts swell after taking them off. They wouldn't go to show my father this "reason" at the car because my dad isn't allowed in the bay area. SO to give my dad different lug nuts would be $12 per tire + tax. Wasn't this supposed to be a tire rotation and that's it? Kicker here is that my father changed the brake pads on the truck 2 months ago in April. The truck is a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie. But really?! The lug nuts swell?! Never even took one off, so how could you know they are going to swell?!

These are just my experiences, along with my fathers, plus the countless I heard standing by the counter. Older lady coming in for an oil change and them telling her she needs new brakes. Or tired rotation after only 10,000 miles and one tire is already bald. C'mon.....

IF you guys could do me a favor and spread this thread around other sites, so that others do not get scammed/ripped off, the works. Thank you.
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