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Emissions in Orange County, NC

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I just moved to Mebane, NC which is just east of Burlington. Anyone have a 'friend' in Orange County where I can get my car emissions tested? Also, is a cat. converter required in this county. Email me please if you know where I can take the car for emissions testing. Thanks.


Jim: 87 GN with: TA-49/PTE .63 housing; stock motor, transmission and converter; MSD 50#; CAS V-4; 3" DP; ATR 2.5" SS exhaust; 62 mm Hemco; Translator w/3" MAF; Bigmouth air system; SMC alcohol; Walbro 340; BFG DRs; and Extender 100 chip with 21* timing. Best ET/mph with w/93 octane + alcohol were 11.961/117.05.
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Catalytic converter is a federal requirement not local.

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I had heard that some states don't do a visual check and don't care as long as you pass the emissions. I could be wrong though.
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