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Electric fan

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Hey guys, I just got some pipes bent for my front mount ic and I figure mounting it will have an adverse effect on the efficiency of my radiator (that almost sounded intelligent!). Anyway, I thought about getting a new dual fan setup for the GN. You guys got any part #'s for a good set of fans? And do those hi-low switches really work? Why would you use them?
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Ramchargers makes a nice dual fan setup. It needs a little adjustments to fit. I think it's around $100.00. I have the Flex-A-Lite dual fan setup
pn#200 It's real low profile and clears my front mount pipes by 2 inches. Direct fit and easy install but it's $195.00
The general consensus is that the Ramcharger's setup if the best for the buck - $79.00 for the dual-fan unit, $22.95 for the TR wiring adapter. Do a search here or at the other board, you'll find more information than is really needed. :D

I just got mine today - harness was missing.. We'll see.

Right on, do you guys have a part # for the Ramchargers fan? How effective are the hi-lo fan switches?
You are going to need to make some brackets to make it fit in right.
But they do pull enough air to actually pin them against the radiator if they are not secured.
I found that out by setting the fans in and plugging it into the harness to make sure they'd work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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