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E85 (85% Ethanol) as a fuel in a GN?

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Has anyone got any thoughts about or experience with using 85% ethanol/15% gasoline as the main fuel source? This fuel is available here at $1.75 a gallon. That is $0.10 per gallon cheaper than the 91 octane premium available. It is rated at 105 octane. I'm thinking that it would be a great fuel for the GN if someone could burn the chip correctly. I currently am running a tank full in place of the avgas I usually run. It feels a little lazy in the mid-range (more timing?) and needs some IAC tuning to get it to idle better. Is this a good idea or is it better used in the SMC tank only?
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Ethanol is corrosive at 85% and may need special fuel lines and fuel tank. I'm sure the service station or your state will have more info if a conversion is needed. 105oct sounds good. :cool:
Once you figure out the corrosion, then you can double the size of your injectors to handle the quantity of fuel required to power the engine, figure on half the miles per tank, etc. :)

The rest of the country is paying a subsidy, so Tom Daschle can get the votes from the corn growers, and the money from ADM. Ethanol is way overhyped as a "clean" fuel, the energy to make and refine it is more than you can get out of burning it, especially since it takes more ethanol to produce the same horsepower, compared to gasoline. On the other hand, if you take the same corn, and ferment it, and put the distillate in oak barrels.... Oh, forgot, that's Tennessee fuel!
It's not nearly as corrosive as methanol, but, it is a poor substitute for gasoline on the street.

And, as Ormand noted, the pollution created in the distillation is seldom noted as is the subsidy paid to keep them in business.

Here is some good info on E85.
So what I hear, it's not a good idea long term. To bad, I've made several full throttle passes with no knock and 19psi boost. Was gonna raise boost. Probably will anyway - play with it for one tankfull. Then use it in the SMC kit only after that. Probably should change the fuel filter afterwards anyway, do you think? :D
IowaCorn.org? Certainly sounds like a totally unbiased source! Like I said, I prefer my ethanol in some properly aged beverage, not in my car..
IowaCorn.org? Certainly sounds like a totally unbiased source! Like I said, I prefer my ethanol in some properly aged beverage, not in my car..
I totally agree, But only on the issue of the product they do say vehicles need some type of retrofit to use it. I would rather see them flood the market with Cornflakes and lower the price of breakfast cereal :cool:
I ran this Crap and ruined my fuel system. From the tank to the fuel rail was filled with white sediment. I had to completely flush out all the lines and change all the rubber hoses etc. Don't ever use it in a small engine either or big damage will result. Gene
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