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Digital dash

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I was wondering what to do with my dig dash boost guage, and in my search I found this post and thought that it should be brought back up for anyone else blessed with a Dig dash. Thanks Orlando!
Originally posted by Orlando_87GN:

There was some smack talk about the digital dash in "another area on the web somewhere ".
I will go as far as quoting what I read, speaking about the "Boost Lights" found only on the digital dash:

Those lights are basically worthless, That is why I forgot about them. They are both for boost (no tach). One usually comes on somewhere around 4psi and the other at about 8.

I felt compelled to write an email to the poor sap who started the thread . This is what I wrote.

Keep letting the analog dash guys think the digital dash sucks. They are cursed with a totally useless and inaccurate boost/RPM gauge, so what do they know?
The (2) lights, orange and red, light up at different boost levels. The levels can even be adjusted. This is especially helpful if you race the car.

I bought a replacement switch because my original went bad. It was around $20 from the dealer. It was preset at something like 1psi and 5psi.

I set mine set up in a different manner:

The first light (Orange) comes on at 5psi. This is great for consistent launches. You don't have to watch the boost gauge when staging, just let off the brake (or T-Brake) as soon as you see the orange light, and walla, 5psi launch every time. People wonder how I get back to back 1.6x's short times. (on Nittos no less). It's called consistency.

The second light (Red) comes on at 18psi. This is my "warning light". This I have set for the "high side" of where I want the limit to be for when I am running pump gas. If I am messing around on the street, and the boost goes over the set 18psi, I will see the light and usually let out of it. Or, it serves as a reminder to check the scan master and boost gauge when going over that preset boost limit. The lights are not wimpy by any means, and they always get your attention.

The "hobbs" style switch is on the passenger fender. It's a dull silver color and has an electrical plug with a vacuum/boost port on it. If yours is unplugged, you will need to look for a wire in the passenger fender vicinity that has a small brown connector on the end. This plugs into the "hobbs" switch. There are (2) pot screws on the unit. From the factory, the pot screws have some red "glue" on them to keep them from coming out of adjustment. You will need to take some cue tips and rub acetone on the (2) screws to get all of the glue off. Once you do this, you can adjust both lights using a mityvac hand pump. With the key ON, engine OFF, you pump the "hobbs" switch up to say 5psi, and twist one of the screws until the orange light illuminates. Just do the same for the Red light and you are set. I can't remember which screw controls which light, but it's not hard to figure out.

I wish for anyone that is blessed with a digital dash, to take advantage of what it can do. I believe with exception to the "GNX" dash, the digital dash is the way to go. Get the "85 MPH" upgrade chip (hurry, b/c Caspers is not making them anymore), and you will be light years ahead of the analog dash guys. Your dash will quit flashing at 85MPH and actually go to 199MPH. The analog dash guys are stuck with some cheesy paper overlay in the dash and a Speedo reduction mess.

Next time you take a GN buddy to lunch in your car and he says "What are those lights for?" You can tell him "Ah, it's just the factory Fully Adjustable, Multi-stage Boost Indication System".

Hope that helps.


Just thought I would share, and hopefully put a smile on anyones face that owns a "U52".

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My lights come on at vacuum and the second one about 0 boost.

Didn't see where to adjust it on the switch either?

Heard the factory switch was discontinued too. Not sure though....

Would be real nice to set the lights up for 5 psi. launching.
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The adjustments are on the terminals on the switch'one being locked down with a nut. A pocket screwdriver works good to adjust it with, be carefull not to stripp it though. Works just like he said.
Factory Fully Adjustable, Multi-stage Boost Indication System".
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My digital dash upgrade doesn't flash above 85. Hmmmm.... As for the analog vs digital, I'll take the digital unless it dies. Then I'll wish I had the analog.
The GN is covered right now but I will check it out soon. Might have to get a spare switch and use it for the analog dash car.

Or some Hobbs switches.
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Originally posted by terryk:
My digital dash upgrade doesn't flash above 85. Hmmmm...
Its not suppost to.
I know, I mis-read his post.
Digital dash stinks. It just aint all that great to begin with. If you're gonna spend the money to "upgrade" or modify it, just hook up a GNX-style from Caspters. Thats just my opinion, which might mean rabbit pellets to ya, but just a suggestion.

I'm just dealing with my analog and 85 mph speedo. I like it. Makes people laugh. I always thought that was rather humorus of Buick.
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