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Differences in my 85 GN and 86-87's?

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Im trying to figure out what the main difference between the 85 which i have and the 86-87 GN's.
Ive heard mine is a hot air car. What does this mean and can my car ever be really quick? What are common things people do to make these scream?
Does it have the potential of an 86 or 87. I never really hear people talk about 85 GN's! Should i get rid of it to buy an intercooled one? Is it worth the time and money to mess around with?
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you can make it quick,but at more of an expense
and definately more labor.basically to cut to the quick.i've got a fairly "built" 84 hot-air
and a fairly "built" 87 intercooled.the 84 is
"quick", the 87 is frickin scary.
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