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Hi Guys,

I’ve ironed out the details for the group buy. We will have access to almost all of DEI’s product line, which you can see at www.DesignEngineering.com or www.CryO2.com. We'll also have access to their new stuff, once it comes out.

Pricing is as follows:

Orders for $100+ MSRP: 32% + Free Ground Shipping in the 48
Orders for $500+ MSRP: 36% + Free Ground Shipping in the 48

For an additional $15 DEI will include (1) T-Shirt, (1) CryO2 Hat
For an additional $25 DEI will include the above plus a DEI Shop Banner.
*Custom size/color DEI and CryO2 Decals are available with every order just specify type and size.

After your initial order, you can reorder w/ no minimum and still receive the 30% discount.

Here’s what you’ll need: A PayPal account w/ a verified shipping address.

The ordering process: I'm spearheading this project, so all orders will go through us. That way, we can ensure that only our members have access to the special pricing and everything goes smoothly. PM me w/ your order info, and we’ll hand it off to DEI. DEI will email you a “Payment Request” w/ an invoice. You’ll verify the order, and login to your PayPal account to send the payment and complete the order at that point. You’ll get tracking and all that good stuff directly from DEI.

When you PM me w/ your order, it should look like this:

Your Name
PayPal Email Address
Home Phone
Work/Cell Phone (if desired)

PRODUCTS (examples listed to show info we'll need)
(1) 080102 - 10lb Tank Install Kit
MSRP: 393.33

(1) 080110 - Intake Segment - 3"
MSRP: 156.00

(1) CryO2 20” White
(2) DEI BADGE 6” White

PRODUCT TOTAL: $549.33 - 36% Forum Discount = $357.06

I used the products as an example, but you get the drift.

If you have any questions about products/pricing, please PM me. I’m pretty familiar w/ DEI’s product line.

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I heard that stuff doesn't drop ETs , Do you have any test data on Buick v6s?
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