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Darryl Davis, rest in peace:

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For reasons known only to himself and God, Darryl Davis of D. davis Engineering, Santa Ana, Ca., and formerly of Boulevard Buick, 2850 Cherry Ave., Long Beach, Ca., 90755, took his life either this last Friday or this last Monday night. Darryl Davis was one of the most skilled and competent Buick mechanics in general, and turbo Buicks specifically, that I have ever met. He had just started his own business and was specializing in tri 5 ('55-'57) custom Chevrolets. Darryl was about 40. Darryl has serviced, repaired, and worked on my cars (mostly turbo Buicks) for about the last 10 years. He was a good friend and I am still in shock as I write this.
Darryl: I don't think that you realized how many friends that you had and to what extent we would have gone to protect you from whatever demons that were troubling you. God speed and may your soul rest in peace from whatever demons you could not escape from in life.
My prayers and sympathy go out to your family and all of your friends everywhere.
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