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It's rebuild time, and before i pulled the motor, it had a def rod knock in it. The machine shop is going to contact me tomorrow and give me the run down of the crank. I would like to try and save money, but not at the cost of a building a ticking time bomb. If my crank has to be cut .010, is that a feasable solution, or should i go with a new crank. Does anyone make a 3.8 turbo crank at a reasonable cost (billets excluded) just for the record, i want to run low 12's, and will most likely drive it that way on the street...will a cut crank be strong enough? And while i'm at it, how would i be able to tell if my rockers are in good shape?
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10/10 is no problem

I would not be concerned with 20/20 and Bill Anderson who goes by the name of EightSecond Gn or some such for good reason has posted that he will take all the 30/30 cranks you want to send him.

No matter what the cut, the machine work has to be done correctly and the crank checked properly for cracks, etc.

At the moment, no one makes a replacement, good crank.

You can find double filleted cranks used if you are patient. Most will need to be turned, tho'.

I second Steve's comments.

Side note:
I've run several high 11 sec passes (11.80, 85) at 25-27 psi with a N/A crank that was cut 10/10.


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11.80 @ 112.8mph w/1.57 60'

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The car is over a second faster now... and still running :)

i agree that the machine shop is the key to if it will live. i built my engine with a .020 .020 crank and it has held up just fine. as long as they check it for cracks . and get the clearances right it will live a long time. mine has about 3 years of street driving and 35 runs . the best 11.39 and it still runs fine.
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