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Crank question

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Hey guys, how much can you cut a GN or a 4.1 crank before the fillets are trashed or just useless? I mean, does the strenth come from the fillets supplying more oil or the actual metal it is cast from? Also, am I the only one one spends hours upon hours in the junkyard in search of the Holy Grail? Or do I just have a problem?
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you can go 30-30 altho you should go the minimum required to create round journals and fit the bearing sizes available. That way you may be able to do it again.

The filets are there to prevent stress risers at the intersection of the journal with the sides of the throws. They are rolled in. Turning the crank should not affect the filets.

On your other question, there are a lot of 4.1 blocks out there. Mike S. (Orlando87) can give you the story on 4.1s.

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