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console guages

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I have the oil pressure and temp VDO guages. When I turn the a/c on, they spike. I found and fixed two shorts after I bought the car, but I may have more. Before I fixed the shorts, the lights worked in the guages, but now they don't. They seem old, but can they be blown? I know I need to take the time to follow all the wires to look for more shorts; but can anyone give me another cause for my problems? Thank you.
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I guess I would start by tracing the wires and seeing what circuit they are tied into for power. Make sure they go to one of the Ign terminals on the fuse block.

The lites should be simple-lot's of people tie the lights into the gray wire that supplies power to the console light so they dim/brighten with the instrument panel lights. Check the ground wire to make sure it is connected firmly to a reliable ground.

One of the shorts I found was on the ground for the guages. Some dumba$$ connected a wire from the Ign terminal to the ground. I guess it's because three of the wires were all blue. But still, it took me about two minutes to find it. The screw was actually magnetized because of the short. Well, I will keep looking for more problems. Thanks for the help Steve.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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