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I have a 3.8 012 casting stage 2 off center for sale. The engine has about 100 miles on it and 6 1/4 mile passes since we built it, customer has decided to go with an LS1 set up. runs 9.40s at 144 on conservative tune @ 3600# plus

-BMS forged crank
-Crower or Carrillo rods (pulling pan tonight, cant remember)
-Arias forged pistons
-Champion GN1R heads, jesel style T&D rockers
-port matched intake with 70mm throttle body and 95# injectors
-custom grind billet comp cam
-ATR 4 Bolt stainless headers and PTE 46mm wastegate
-PTE billet 71 GTQ turbo
-custom built deep pan with baffled sump
-custom crank trigger set up
-billet MSD distributor, wires and HVC coil
-140a single wire alternator with adj regulator
-custom serpentine belt system

Pretty much drop it in anything and go! 12,700.00 for all of it OBO I can take some stuff off to lower the price for a serious buyer. email me if interested [email protected]
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