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Code 42

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Help guys! The other day my car started running really bad,black smoke, wouldn't hardly idle and the scanmaster was only showing------ on the screen. I found and repaired a vac. leak, reset the ecm at the orange wire and restarted the engine. This time it seemed to run a lot better but threw a code42 I didn't take it on a test run however, the code happened at idle. The next day I reset the ecm again and it didn't throw a code at idle so I took it for a run. It ranlike a scalded dod! No code what do you think?
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42 should not have anything to do with the car running rich.

Sounds like an electrical fluke to me unless it comes back. I am surprised that fixing a vacuum leak cured the belching black smoke, also.

Maybe a time for an exorcism?

Thanks for the come back Steve. I think I will watch it for a while and see what it does.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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