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Clear Front Bumper lights - if you're still looking for them . . .

Looking for ones in good condition.

Highway Stars just brought back
Buick Regal Turn Signal Lenses using original GM tooling
(Both Clear & Amber)

You can be confident that these BRAND NEW GM licensed reproduction lenses:

  • Look just like factory original
  • Fit just like factory original
  • Function just like factory original
  • were manufactured in the current GM lens factory
  • were manufactured using the factory original specifications
  • were produced using the Original GM tooling

You can be ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT when buying parts from Highway Stars!

Don't take chances on cheap knockoff parts.

Click on the links below:

Clear Lenses Lamps - Turn Signal/Parking Clear Lenses GM# 914871 914872

Amber Lenses Lamps - Turn Signal/Parking Amber Lenses GM# 918731 918732


1 - 2 of 2 Posts