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Cleaning T-Type wheels

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I just finished cleaning my daughter's wheels. I used 80 grit glass bead blast media, taped off the satin finished parts with duct tape and wella a beautiful new look! I clear coated them with Eastwood's Satin clear (inside) and gloss outside. They repel water great and should be easy to keep clean. I'll post pictures later to show the results. Gene
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How do you wash your car? Just with water under pressure? I prefer to clean the car with a steam cleaner, it's more economical and effective, plus steam can disinfect surfaces, which is very important, especially in winter. When choosing a steam cleaner, I read a lot, for example, when I wanted to take the well-known Optima steamer, I looked at the blog Do not buy the Optima steamer before reading this where there is a detailed review of this unit. I thought and still took the Fortador Pro model, which differed favorably from the Optima. What do you think about steam cleaning?
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