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The BPG has a group reservation at the 2013 GM Nationals at Carlisle PA http://www.carlisleevents.com/events...nals/index.asp. If we get more than 25 cars registered offer the use of a 20? X 20? tent to those clubs who register 25 vehicles or more. These tents are a great place to take a break and they make a great club headquarters for the weekend. Larger clubs may be eligible for a bigger tent. This years event theme is

Owners and Enthusiasts of the Turbo Buick - This One's For You

Do you own a 1978-87 Turbo Buick? If so, then we want you to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Turbo Buick at Carlisle in 2013. Carlisle Events is happy to announce the Turbo Buick celebration for the 2013 GM Nationals. Whether you own, drive or are an enthusiast of the Turbo Regal, T-Type, Grand National, GNX or any other Turbo Buick, join your fellow turbo enthusiasts for a celebration of the ?six with kick.?

There is no Host Hotel but I have been talking to John Csordas as he and some members of the NE GS/GN Club will be attending at I have picked this Hotel as the BPG NE GS/GN Club hotel. http://www.daysinn.com/hotels/pennsy...hotel-overview

The MAGNA group also has their group registered as well as the BCA. I have been in contact with Tyler Staley Event Manager of the Carlisle GM Nationals and talked with him at the last MAGNA meet and he wants as many Buick's at the event as possible.

Security is always on everyone's mind and I was told that your best bet is to leave your ride and trailer at the show grounds.

It would be nice at a National Event to have a huge showing of Buick's no matter what your club affiliation. Just one more way the BPG helps promote Buick's and Fun

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There is no date listed...

Also, if anyone is unsure of this event. I will tell you that I have been there for the Mopar event for many years and it is a great event!

If you have not been here, I recommend bringing a cooler with plenty of beverages. If we can arrange enough people to attend, we should also plan on food. When we did this before we BBQ'd all day, and make sure you bring folding chair(s).

The swap meet and shows are great, there is a 1/8 mile track not too far for those interested also.

Once I know the dates I will let you know if I can make it. But if I can, I am in for sure!
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