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Car won't accelerate.

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Car runs fine until I try to get into boost then it won't accelerate. When I push the gas pedal the car acts like it has died until I take my foot off the pedal, then it runs fine again. Also, when I push the pedal the 'check engine' light flashes then goes out when I take my foot off the pedal. TL does not indicate any trouble codes.
Car ran as it should until I replaced the turbotweak chip with my Extender chip, which is a known good chip. I set the Translator and TL to the correct settings for the Extender. There were no changes made other than chips and chip settings.
I would put the turbotweak chip back in and run the car, but it is raining so I thought I would post my problem here.
Thanks for any help. usa
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Sounds like the chip is defective or not seated properly.
How do you have the translator set? I assume you have the MODE dip switch #3 set to OFF for the extender chip...
Mike--The chip worked just fine a couple days ago. I took it out and reinstalled it just to be sure it is seated correctly. Still raining, so I will have to wait to drive the car.

Ed--#3 switch is set to 'no limiter' (down position).
Sounds like what happened when my MAF died.
I have the Translator, no stock MAF.
Weather dried up today so I took the car out after reseating the chip. I still had the 'no acceleration' problem. I then reset the ECM (orange wire) and now the car runs fine. Thanks for the help guys.
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