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Canadian Window Sticker Data

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Does anybody have a picture of a Canadian 1987 GN window sticker, preferably for a late build car? I understand GM put through 3 pricing changes that year...

I'm trying to create a Canadian version of the window sticker template for us Northerners...

If you have a paper copy, a collect fax would be OK too (feel free to block out the VIN if you're concerned).

Any help would be appreciated.
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I think I have one . I'll try and dig it up and fax it to you .
found it ! here it comes scaned via email .
found it ! here it comes scaned via email .
Look out below!!! eek!


Tim sends the largest pics in emails bar-none. yup :D

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lol . I've never been able to figure my friggin scanner out yet .
That sounds cool, if ya dont mind i wouldnt mind getting a copy from ya. Please....
Send me a email and I'll forward it to you .
Me too?

I have a US. version on MS Word if anyone wants it.

Tim "D" poon silly
what's the difference between Canadian and US version ? I think mine is a Canadian version for a TR . I do not exactly remember how or where I got it .
That's the one I'm working to "convert" to Canadian. Doesn't look too challenging at this point.

Thanks for the email - It's an excellent start. It's got some special GM math where 14k +2K in options =$20k, but the base price line is a bit squished. I need to find a car with the T-roof option, twilight, power setas, floor matts, etc. to get the other prices in $CDN.

I'll put the template up on my site once it's done so everyone can do one up for their car.
Anybody else have any Canadian GN pricing information?
I have a copy of the Advance Price Sheet that the original selling dealer had in their files pertaining to my car. It was a GM of Canada document that was sent to the dealer about a month before the scheduled build date. All of the prices are in Canadian dollars. If your GN has some of the same options as my 87 T then it wouldn't be a problem to collect accurate prices for a window sticker.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe you will find a Canadian window sticker because there never was one. I bought my GN new and was there when it came in on the truck, no sticker. I believe this has been talked about before, not on this board though. All I have is my original order form we filled out at the dealership.
Mine neither.Not sure if the dealership took it off or there wasn't one.I dont remember,too egar to drive it home at 18. yup

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I believe the Mackenzi brothers were featured on that Canadia version window sticker! canada
I believe the Mackenzi brothers were featured on that Canadia version window sticker! canada
That's Mackenzie with an "e" on the end,you big "Floridian".
Unless you've seen "Strange Brew",I'll thank you to leave our beloved Mackenzie Brothers alone. canada headbang
BTW,how's the Molson Canadian Ice I brought you guys?
Oh,and it's Canada,not "Canadia".
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