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Can a bad cam sensor cause a stalling condition?

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Car runs 10min or so, chugs and dies. Can a bad cam sensor cause the car to die? Reason i'm asking, once the car is started it will run with the sensor unplugged. Tired of throwing parts at this thing.

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Just a thought. When my maf sensor died it would run until the temps under hood got hot. This was only 2-3 times then nothing but chug & burp when it was finally gone.
Does it run for long periods of time with the sensor unplugged?

To rule out the cam sensor you could pop the plastic cap off and just make sure the little metal tab that holds the interupter piece to the cam sensor shaft isn't busted. Gently try and twist the interupter ring to verify that it will not spin. My busted at the track one night and I made it home by jamming a tooth pick in that hole!
I'll take the cap off and see. Have changed the MAF, Coil Pack, Module, and crank sensor, problem is still there, looses power, backfires and dies, fires right back up. I did drive it 45min last night the cam sensor unplugged with no problems, but it doesnt seem to happen at night when the temps are down. Weirdest thing i've ever seen. Any ideas or help greatly appreciated, sick of throwing parts at it. :rolleyes:
hey my car was doing that at high temps as well --- stalling when hot then would start and the same thing again---- i pulled my thermastat out and the problem went away!!!!
so thats all i now just trying to help

good luck dunno powersix
I checked the interupter ring on the cam sensor, seems ok, does have a bit of up and down play. I wonder if the cap can go bad and cause this condition. Car seems to be getting fuel. Anyone?
Check the crank sensor as well for any movement.Also check cam sensor adjustment,they can get out of whack,don't ask me how but I have seen it.

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