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I just purchased my 2nd GN. Getting ready to have engine gone through. It has a "size larger" than stock cam. So far this is the only description I can get from the speed shop that did the work. I'm only wanting to run low 12's w/ car. THe best the previous owner did was a 11.8. I'm also wanting a "low maintinance" vehicle.

The car has the following:
42.5 injectors
ATR wastegate
H.P. fuel pump
TE 44 turbo
Precision front mount intercooler, which I plan on changing to a "stretch" ic mounted in the stock position.
Everything is 3 in. tubeing.

I really need some imput. I have been out of the mix for quite a few years. I know on my other GN ran great (7.89 et in 8th) w/ only the usual mods, ie:, KB ram air, dump tube, alcohol injection, and chip.
Any advise would be great.
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Here is my take on cams. It seems every brand and size of hydralic cam everyone knows someone that has wipped one. If I were going to do a hydralic cam I would probably do a 206/206 (Flip a coin and pick a brand) and break it in with used stock springs. Then after a few thousand miles change it out to 100lb springs.

Stay small, don't get talked into something big. With a TE44 and Strech intercooler 11s are EASY on a stock motor. If the stock cam was available I would have put one in my car. But since they aren't I went with a Roller Cam so I don't have to worry about the number 3 lobes.

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Your combo should run well into the 11s as it is...even if the cam is stock. Cams often have little effect until you hit very low 11s unless they slow you down at low rpm.

If it is okay, don't mess with it. If you just wanta say you got a bigger cam, I agree with Mike. Some do claim to have valve train noise with bigger cams which may be due to improper preload or the fast ramps on some cams.
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