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Girlfriend totalled my Trans Am, no choice but to buy a GN

In the process of looking at this GN. $12k for the car. Here is what has done, New tranny, interior perfect, new paint, took out piece by piece to paint them. new main rear, fuel pump, tires. ttops. new battery, tires, weather strips. However, the TACH does NOT work. I need to know why and how much to fix/replace it? Thanks.

this is the ad. 1987 BUICK GRAND NATIONAL, senior owner, t-tops, 72000 original miles, all original mint condition., $12500, 941-625-xxxx.


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The stock tachs arnt all that great but I'm sure somebody on the board can give you an address were you can send it out and get it refurbished, I think a place that does digital dashes does that.

Heres what I should of looked at when I bought my GN a year ago

-Check the Trunk lid for option code G80, I got a one tire fryer on my car.

-Run the car like your going to drive it for 20 minutes, pull onto a level spot and get on your but and look and see if its leaking oil while its running, then shut it off and look for another 5 minutes or so for more oil leaking.

-I would be skeptical about the new tranny at that milage, ask why?

-make sure the boost gauge (if it acutally works) reads somwere inbetween 12-15psi at wide open throttle.

-Check for maintence records, how well has the car previously been maintained?

In my opinion its a 10-11K dollar car, and if you buy one you will want another. they are addicting. good luck

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About the tach...check and see if someone connected the fuel pump lead and the tach lead together. They will be located behind the alternator.


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I can't comment on the Tach (digital dash here) but I would be careful about posting the phone number of the car for sale in your original post..

I have seen cars sell out from under people because the person gave "too many details" about the car for sale

Any way, you may want to find someone at this months club meeting that would want to go with you to have a look at the car. The price sounds a little high, but then again a car is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

If T-Tops are your thing, good, but typically they are not as desireable as a solid roof. (NASA Tin Foil suit ON NOW).

I would definitly get someone to go out with you to take a look, and pay less for it. It's hard to drive a bargain when you are not familiar with what you are purchasing.


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