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Buick Test & Tune Race @ LACR in Calif. 4/28/07

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:6: Hey guys, The date for the race at LACR will be April 28, 2007 Saturday a 1 day only event. We will be racing in our own classes with eliminations and PRIZE $$$$ We would get at lease 4 to 5 qualifing rounds before elimintions if not more qualifing rounds and remember this is a 1/4 mile track. The only requirement I would need is for all to fill out a Pre-registration form with $ 20 deposit to guarantee you will be there for a spot in the event. Remember its a 1 day race only. To do this program and make it work I would need a minimum of 25 cars to Pre-register to guarantee the track and the club it would be worth our time and effort. Please fill out flyer form and fax back to me at 714-772-6201 or email form to me at [email protected] the second way is print out flyer and fill out and mail back with your check to club P.O. Box 8687, Anaheim, CA 92812-0687. Remember I need all in by no later than April 24, 2007 " Hope to see you all at the races"

This race is for both TURBO CARS & GS/GSX V8 CARS.

If you have any questions feel free to call the club Hotline at 714-772-6201 Remember the magic number is 25 Cars Minimum.

Don't forget the 15th Annual BUICKS AT BATES NUT FARM CAR SHOW June 3, 2007 for more info go to the Club Web site at http://www.bgnra.org and check out the Flyer on the event and the race at LACR There web site is; lacr.net

Both Flyers are posted on the Club web site so look for them.

Thanks, Steve Hurst, President- BGNRA
[email protected] http://www.bgnra.org


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