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buick racing tach

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does anyone know how to hook up a buick motorsports tach. i have a 5 inch tach with a key operated recall. and i dont know where all the wires hook up. also anyone know where i can buy a key that fits it . thanks
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The tach is made by autometer get in touch with them they have a web site i think.
thanks.i did get it working i was hooking to the wrong wire under the hood. now all i need is a copy of the key. thanks
I dont know if this will help you but I have the same tach and the brand name on my key blank is C&K and the key code is A126. I couldn't see any other information on the lock cylinder. I have never seen this type of tach recall system in the Autometer catalogs so it may be something that Autometer built for Buick Motorsports(now GM High Performance).

Eric Fisher
thanks for the key info. ill try to get one made tomorrow .i hope they all use the same key. thanks
I have a silly question, but what is the lock for? dunno
I have a silly question, but what is the lock for? dunno
To keep your tach safe poon
Why was the recall only reset by a key?
i dont know why it resets with a key. if you turn the key one way it shows rpm memory. if you turn it the outher it erases the memory.this key can be mounted 2 feet from the tach.but it works just like a tach with a recal switch in the face.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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