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Race Schedule 2006 Buick Horsepower Event

[PROPOSED 5-22-06]​

Cars must display a race sticker for each day.

Please check the schedule every day for late changes due to weather, or any other circumstance, thanks. It will be posted daily at the BHP administration tent.

Wednesday June 28 – 10 AM-12 Noon, 50 fastest muscle cars & exhibition vehicles
Noon – 8 PM time runs

Thursday June 29 – 10 AM-Noon, 50 fastest muscle cars & exhibition
Noon – 8 PM time runs
Super 16 qualifying, 2 rounds
Gambler’s race – 4 PM Entry fee $15

Friday June 30 – Noon-8 PM time runs
Super 16 qualifying, 2 rounds
Heads up classes qualifying, 2 rounds
Indiana Chapter GSCA Ladies Race
Gambler’s race – 4 PM Entry fee $15
Heads up Class Tech 10:00 AM in staging lanes

[The track close time earlier than 8 PM may vary depending on cars.]

Saturday July 1 – Driver’s meeting 11:00 AM, base of tower
12:00 PM – raffle drawing for short block & cash
Noon – 3 PM, time trials & qualifying
4 PM – finish, eliminations all classes

With proper credentials available to racers and crew, 24 hour access to the track is permitted.

Track safety tech will be in the rear of the staging lanes.
Hours all days: 9 AM – 3 PM

June 27, Tuesday at 6 PM to 9 PM - tech will be available as the track has a street legal event. You can obtain a tech inspection for our event, and even participate in this event if street legal. Once through tech, it will be good for our entire event. Please know, and indicate, the class you plan to run on your tech card. If you change classes, it must be done at the tower.

Scales will be available on all days, check tower for times or it will be announced.

The PA system will also broadcast on FM at 88.3.

VP race gas is available in many blends during race event hours.

No One under the age of 16 may operate ANY motorized vehicle.

Speed limits in the park will be strictly enforced, please be safe.

This schedule just in from the Race Director Nick Micale. This will be a great event PAYING alot of bucks. The payouts started at $800 /$400 but have been increased with sponsor money. Check Buick Horsepower web site for the latest payouts, schedule changes and newest info.

If you have vendor or sponsor questions, send me an email. See you there. :wink:
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