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Here is a Video to Help all you TB guys with improve braking system.

Buick GN/GNX 11" Rear Disk Brake UpGrade Conversion. part 1

Buick GN/GNX 11" Rear Disk Brake UpGrade Conversion. Part 2

I am currently producing and developing the video for a 12" OEM Disc brake for the front suspension of the GN/GNX. This new develop OEM brake conversion is Plug-N-play. It feature a new spindle,Hub bearing, with dual piston caliper from the GMC Truck Motor Division

Here sneak peek(picture) at the front disc brake conversion

This video documentary explain all. this braking system is adaptable to any GM 8.5" 10 bolt rear end deferential axle housing.

Please post any comments of Question HERE or at Video Site.

Thank you
steve :usa:
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