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I have a completely stock 87 that I am getting out of the garage. It has been sitting (in the garage) for almost five years now, which coincides with the birth of my first son (coincidence?). Now that my two boys don't require aren't as time consuming and I have a little time to do other things, I want to get my GN back out and start enjoying it with the family.

I have had the GN for about 7 total years. It is completely stock as I said, and was more or less a daily driver for the first two years I had it. since then, it has been kept in a garage in central Indiana.

I thoroughly enjoy cars, but I am the first to say I am not incredibly knowledgeable in the subject. I can do a little here and there, but diagnostics are not my strong suit. In trying to get this thing back where it belongs (lighting up unsuspecting victims), what should I look for? My plan right now is to probably take it to a mechanic that hopefully knows his (or her) way around the car. I can do a checklist of items myself, but that is all I would be doing - following a checklist. If or when I take it to a mechanic, I want to make sure they aren't tearing things off and doing things they shouldn't.

On a related note, does anyone know of a good person to take this to in order to get it looked at? I'm not looking to set any records by any means. I just want it back running like it should with a stock setup.

I can't wait to get started and hear it startup again!!

Thanks for your help in advance and I am sure I will be picking everyone brains for years to come.

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